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Sunday D.25-04-04

I have been in the garden today and i had my cam with me so here are the new pictures.
Du kan klikke på billederne for at se dem i stor størrelse.

One of my beautiful flowers.

Sunday D.02-05-04

Today i found one of my sturgeon on the botton of the pond it was dead, i removed it and i was thinking that okay that i was happen.
and diden't do anything aboute it.

Monday D.03-05-04

Today more of my sturgeon's was found dead. Read more and see pictures Here the page is in danish

bought a new airpump today a Resun LP 40 airpump it gives aboute 3000L air in the houer.

i don't think that the fish need more air at the moment.

Sunday D.16-05-04

As i came out to the pond today i could see that there was somthing wrong with the water level it was sinking.

aboute 5-10 cm water i missing.

Thuesday D.18-05-04

I forgot to mention that i have orderet a oase skimmer on Koiimport.dk
but i have to wait for it :( .
Today i cleaned the pond and the filter there wasent any dirt in the filter i have started to add air in the filter,
and it looks like it had helped.
i need a skimmer...
thats why i want a skimmer.

More on pond page 3.

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