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My Pond.


This is my pond in 2003 i dident make that mutch on it yeat, but the plans in my head are big.

When i bought the house the was dirty and i couldent see the botton.
so i had to do somthing about it and i bought a new filter.
here you se the old and the new filter.

The new filter is a Biotec 5 from Oase.

My 2 smallest koi's i got them last year (2003).

new pump

i was out spending some money again bought a new pump.
A OASE Aquamax 5500 Laguna PowerFlo underwaterfiltre.
has been taken out of the pond cous it don't move mud from the botton of the pond. i have looked on a new Koi 25/30 cm But i have to wait until i have moved some of the Cyprinidae (Leuciscus idus).

Sunday D.25-04-04

Got 3 new koi's too the pond one is 25-30 cm. and the 2 others are 15-18 cm.
i moved some of the Cyprinidae (Leuciscus idus) to a "firepond".
Here are some pictures of them.

the big one is called hunter .

The 2 others is redbaron and spravle.

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