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Hi and welcome to you.
first of all i want to excuse for my poor english
you have just found my littel site here on the big net.
on this site i write aboute my garden pond and the fish in it Nishikigoi "Koi".
I got some goldfish and siberian sturgeon too.
But alot more about that on the pond pages.

how it all started

I bought a house in july 2003 with a 8500 liter pond, there was some goldfish, sturgeon and koi's. but there was a problem i couldent see the botton of the pond and that made me crazy.
I found some pages on the net and there i found the answer.
i have 2 big fish in my pond but in the beginning i dident know what kind off fish it was,
again i used the net and found a fish that looked like mine it was a koi!!!
A beautiful fish and i could get it in almost any color and shape. etc. and since then i am mad about koi

Write a littel note i my guestbook then i know you been here.

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